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Best Boracay hotels with a private pool

97561_15032013530026296715Though Boracay is known for being surrounded by a clear, clam and inviting ocean teeming with tropical fish of all sizes and colors, not everyone may want to spend all of their water time in the sea. In fact, most visitors can be found relaxing the hours away in a resort pool as they take in the view of the ocean or the resort’s grounds.These types of guests are generally in town for a vacation made up of a mix of adventure and relaxation and prefer to have some time during the day to recover from the mornings events. Generally those preferring a pool resort are also looking for a more private visit, making the need to find the best suited resort an important one.

Though most high star resorts and hotels in Boracay can be found to have a public pool or two, some take privacy to the next level with a private pool or jacuzzi situated on a private balcony or veranda. These private escapes allow for a more romantic and enjoyable experience away from other resort guests vying for the same prime spot in the pool. Below you’ll find a list of high quality resorts and hotels that cater to those who like a little something extra with their rooms. Though the resorts listed below vary from one another in size, location and nightly rate, they each are backed by stellar reviews, offer great amenities and call visitors back for a second, and sometimes third, visit.

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Best Boracay hotels with a spa

10503_15022617250025630972Boracay is home to a large number of resorts and hotels throughout the entire island and from coast to coast. Each of these accommodation options differs from the next with some offering family friendly amenities and rooms, wind surfing options, swimming pools, wellness activities such as yoga, a beachfront location, closeness to in-town activities and nightlife and some even the choice to relax in a top notch spa with various treatment and massage options to pick from.

Each spa is increasingly different from the next, making for a large amount of spas to choose from. Some visitors prefer a plethora of spa treatments to select from while others simply wish for a traditional massage before dinner. Either way, there are lots of resorts scattered throughout the island of Boracay that offer some sort of spa amenity, whether it be a full blown spa or massage tents near a pool. Each of the resorts listed below offer great spa services, whether indoor or outside and are rated highly with happy guests and great reviews.

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Best cheap Boracay hotels

291058_15081114180034041623Boracay is home to a rather large selection of hotels and resorts, from the extremely budget friendly to the luxurious, from beachfront to in-town, you’ll find it all. This makes for a great assortment of choices, allowing every traveler to find the best suited hotel for the duration of their island stay. Those seeking a wallet friendly stay that still offers quality rooms, service and food options, won’t be disappointed as even the lowest price bracket offers a chance to enjoy comfort, relaxation and great amenities.

Contrary to popular belief within the resort world, budget minded doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing, and it doesn’t always go hand in hand with low class or low quality. Though that isn’t to say that some hotels around the island aren’t the best they can be, most are of good quality. Some, such as the resorts listed below, are friendly, professional, offer great amenities and clean, comfortable rooms.

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Best 5-star luxury Boracay resorts

14Boracay is home to a number of different resort and hotel options, many with great reviews, rooms and amenities. But each accommodation option is very different, causing them to fall into various ranking categories. On this site, we only focus on the more popular and higher ranking resorts, but we’re taking it up a notch by listing the best of the best.

Below you’ll find a list outlining the best 5-star resorts to choose from within the island of Boracay. Each resort may be different from the next with different nightly rates, amenities, room features, restaurant choices and locations, however each promises 5-star service, great views and an experience to remember. But it doesn’t just end with a promise as each resort is backed by great reviews across the board, helping each resort to secure its spot as one of the best 5-star Boracay resorts to stay at.

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Best Boracay hotels on the beach

288328_121029032330644Boracay’s popularity has grown a large amount over the past few years with more and more travelers discovering the beautiful white sand beaches on the island. These beaches, in fact, are on every corner of the island, helping to give Boracay a diverse uniqueness that allows visitors to find a spot that is most ideal to them. This is because each of the island’s beaches are different from the next with some offering windy conditions and numerous high action water sports, others with calm relaxing coves surrounded by cliffs offering privacy at its best and lastly a few long beaches in the middle of it all allowing for a great social scene.

In addition to the variety of beach settings available, there is a large number of resorts and hotels to choose from as well. These hotels vary in price, amenities offered, room features and distance to D’Mall and other popular area attractions. These qualities mean that some hotels are better suited then others. While still keeping the diversity option open, below you’ll find a few high quality hotels and resorts that are merely steps from the beach, allowing for that ‘perfect’ beach vacation. In essence, many would agree that the hotels listed below are the best beach hotels on the island.

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Best Boracay hotels for romantic couples

267497_15031210310026023033With a large variety of hotels and resorts within the island of Boracay, it’s becoming increasingly hard to find that ‘perfect’ getaway stay that’s romantically based. This is because the presence of traveling families has grown significantly over the last few years, which in turn has caused a lot of hotels to offer family friendly accommodations. However, there are several hotel and resorts still that are geared more toward romantic couples and honeymooners. And some still are specifically toward couples.

Even so, there is still a large variety to choose from, with some accommodations far removed from the main strip of town, some beachfront and some in between. Some offer rooms with the little extras, calm classic room decor, beautiful private terrace views of the ocean or free massages. However different the resorts below may be, each prides itself on creating a romantic and blissful setting. In addition, each is backed by great reviews, helping to create confident booking.

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Best Boracay hotels for families with kids

Kids_1-1024x676Over the last few years, Boracay has become a more notable and recognizable island vacation destination. With its new found popularity, more and more travelers from around the world are visiting, some with families in tow thus causing a strong need for family friendly accommodations that are both kid and parent approved. Luckily there are several different hotels located around the island that cater to families with both young and older children.

Some of these resorts are located on the beach while others slightly removed. Some offer larger ‘family’ styled suites while others offer kids rooms, kiddie pools or kid friendly land and water activities. To make things even easier on parents, some resorts offer babysitting and nanny services during a stay. Though each resort is different from the next, ranging in nightly rate, location and size, all of the resorts listed below have received strong positive reviews and have seen plenty of smiling faces.

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